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Coronavirus / Six offered additional Covid treatment so far

SIX people in Shetland have so far been offered new additional treatment designed for people at high risk from Covid.

The medication is delivered through IV treatment.

The update was given to a meeting of the NHS Shetland board on Tuesday.

NHS Shetland public health principal Elizabeth Robinson said the medication should prevent people from getting seriously ill and ending up in hospital.

The health board would still look to offer the treatment to vulnerable people who are fully vaccinated.

The additional treatments need to be given within five days of developing symptoms.

More information on the additional medication can be found online.

People in Shetland eligible for the additional treatment – around 600 folk – have been written to.

The NHS Inform website, however, says the Covid vaccination remains the “best way to protect yourself from the virus”.

Since Christmas around 25 people a day on average have tested positive for Covid in Shetland.

Reminders were made at Tuesday’s NHS meeting that people with no symptoms need to log a positive lateral flow test online.

Folk with Covid symptoms still need to isolate and request a PCR test.