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Coronavirus / Twenty five new Covid cases since Friday

A TOTAL of 25 new Covid cases have been reported in Shetland since the last update on Friday.

This includes nine in the last 24 hours.

The Scottish Government no longer provides health board breakdowns over the weekend.

Across Scotland a further 6,734 cases have been recorded in the last day.

Meanwhile NHS Shetland delivered 1,900 Covid vaccines between Monday 13 December to Sunday 19 December.

There is capacity at present to give around 3,000 this week.

“About a third of the appointments are booked so far, but there is plenty of space for people to walk in at Gilbertson Park,” a spokesperson said.

“The increasing numbers of people testing positive for Covid is having an impact though as contacts have to wait until they have finished isolation, and cases have to wait four weeks before they can get the vaccine (12 weeks for under 18s).”