Letters / Where will the oil come from?

I am having difficulty in perceiving what the decision makers will have achieved once the planned wind farms have been built, so here are a few questions that I would like to be answered to give me a better understanding of what the future will hold, and why all of the grant funding has been handed out to wind farm developers to enable them to cover our hillsides and seabed with their planned wind farms.


I assume that a wind turbine is full of moving parts which will require lubrication to keep them running smoothly, so they will also require regular changes of lubricant as does all moving machinery.

What lubricant is used and where is it sourced?

How many gallons of lubricant will be required to sustain the planned wind farms over their lifetime, to apparently enable us to free ourselves of our dependence on the oil industry?

When the electrical power is produced, it is transported to where it is required through wires and cables; presently covered in plastic, which I have been informed is a derivative from the oil industry; if the plastic is not to be produced from oil, where will the cables protective coatings come from?


In fact, there are many products in daily use that are derived from the oil industry; in medicines, cosmetics and cleaning products to name but a few.

Rubber for our footwear and car tyres, plus the bitumen that is used for our roads; I am told are all derived from oil.


Perhaps we will not need any of the products mentioned once the UK has shut down all of the UK oil industry in their quest to attain their carbon free vision of the future.

Or will the oil required to sustain our countries present day economy, then have to be sourced from a foreign country with an oil industry still in production, a country that had a less enlightened view of the green and pleasant future that the leaders of our own country appear to be striving to attain?

It appears to me that the only gain to be made here, is for the developers and the people involved in the construction of the wind farms and perhaps to those who’s pockets have had to be lined by the developers to allow the devastation of our local environment to take place, perhaps we should be following the money to find out where it has all gone and what part this may have had on gaining approval for the wind farms construction.

William Polson