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Community / Skeld broadband services restored, BT confirm

BROADBAND services for people in Skeld have been restored after almost a week without service, according to BT.

A spokesperson for the company said the outage was due an error that occurred during upgrading works at the Reawick telephone exchange to give local people faster internet speeds.

He described the outage as an “unusual event”, adding that the migration from 20CN to 21CN on ASDL services normally happens without any loss of service.

“We’re upgrading customers who aren’t yet on fibre-based broadband products to a more reliable and, in some cases, faster broadband network,” the BT Group spokesperson said.

“There’s no additional cost to customers and the migration is automatic. Normally, there is no gap in service but we’re sorry, an error on this occasion meant that a small number of customers were migrated too early and lost broadband service.

“We’ve reconnected all the affected customers and we’re sorry for any inconvenience. The migration will now take place at a later date.”