Letters / Lowering speed limit will encourage active travel

With reference to the Shetland News article Tresta and Sound Brae speed limit trials to start soon, council insists (19 November 2021), roads manager Mr Coupe indicated that “the council had not received any direct representation from the public on the matter” but he fails to mention the petition that was submitted and discussed by the council on 21 January 2020.


There have since been representations made to the community council and SIC councillors which have duly been passed on. I have also contacted the roads department on this matter.

There is huge breadth of feeling in the local community on this issue. I fully understand the need for active travel and am totally in favour but unfortunately, that is what is causing the delay to the speed measures being put in place.

Ryan Thomson said: “The speed limit trials are not being introduced for road safety as such – but they are there to see how a lower speed could encourage active travel.”

To me that infers that, maybe 60mph through a village is not safe for ‘active travel’. It is well within the remit of the council to approve lower speed limits so I fail to see why it can only be done under the guise of active travel.

Let’s put in the speed limit and other safety measures then look at how to encourage active travel. Lowering the speed limit would make pedestrians and cyclists feel safer which in turn will encourage active travel.

Debra Nicolson