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BBC Filming / Driving scenes to be filmed in Nesting area on Monday

SEVERAL driving scenes for the Shetland crime drama will be filmed on the Skellister to Brettabister road on Monday (4 October).

The filming will take place between 11am and 8pm, but only short sections of the road will be used at any one time.

“The road will be open as usual but will, during this time, be subject to occasional and very temporary ‘stop/go’ traffic control procedures lasting no more than a few minutes on each occasion while our action vehicles are on the road,” location manager Davie Gardner said.

“This filming will be undertaken by our second camera unit which is much smaller in size numbers wise than our main filming unit.

“Equally, the amount of technical support vehicles required for this will be significantly less too.

“Please be aware of this however and drive with due caution in the area throughout this time. Thanks once again for your co-operation and apologies in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Anyone with questions or issues regarding this should contact Gardner on 07867 654 509.