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Business / Fish in a box scheme to deliver ‘catch of the day’ to front door

Catch of the Day!

SHETLAND people can now receive fresh fish direct to their door as part of a new subscription service.

Local company Thule Ventus is offering the service on a weekly or monthly basis, or as a one-off.

The Catch of the Day boxes contain a variety of fresh Shetland seafood from local partner company Blyd ‘O’ It, alongside some of Thule Ventus’ salt fish products.

The boxes contain fish landed on the same day to ensure that it is in peak condition.

The fish has all been caught off the coast of Shetland by local fishing boats.

It is something of a fresh take on vans which used to travel around Shetland to sell fish.

Thule Ventus managing director David Polson said: “In Shetland, we often take the quality of our fish for granted and forget that premium quality fish is not always accessible to everyone in the UK. In fact, much of the islands’ fish is shipped to customers overseas.

“I believe that people closer to home should be able to easily access Shetland fish, and so the subscription box was borne. Now anyone can access quality fish, delivered direct to their homes.

“Our ‘Catch of the Day’ fish boxes are delivered within 24 hours of despatch and are kept cold with ice packs in boxes insulated with sheep’s wool. This is a fantastic natural insulator, as well as being environmentally friendly.

Catch of the Day subscription boxes are available to purchase from the Thule Ventus website.