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Coronavirus / Twelve new Covid cases in last two days

A TOTAL of 12 new Covid cases have been confirmed in Shetland in the last couple of days.

Four cases were reported on Monday, and a further eight were included in Tuesday’s Scottish Government figures.

NHS Shetland said cases currently are either people who have developed very mild symptoms and requested a PCR tes or, more commonly, people who have been contact traced.

Often there is a link with travel south, but this has not been clear cut for every cluster which means there is some asymptomatic spread in the community.

NHS Shetland interim director of public health Dr Susan Laidlaw said: “It is inevitable as restrictions ease and people mix more frequently in bigger groups that the number of cases and contacts we identify will continue to increase, with a greater risk of transmission in the community.

“Although most of the spread to contacts is within household and family settings we are still seeing spread to others, especially through social gatherings.

“I think vaccination is helping to limit the numbers to some extent but of course there are people, including children, who are not vaccinated.

“People who are vaccinated can and do still get infected, but it does help prevent serious illness. We all still need to take care and follow the current guidance for level zero. And of course, the more contacts who are identified then the more people there are who are required to isolate at home, even if they do not have a positive test.”

The new cases mean a total of 30 have been confirmed in Shetland since the start of July.

At present the advice to help prevent the spread of covid remains exactly the same.

If you develop covid symptoms, however mild, or if you have a positive lateral flow test, then immediately self-isolate with your household and request a PCR test.

This is regardless of your vaccination status. Keep washing hands, wear a face covering when required, distance from other people in public places and avoid crowds.

Meet people outside rather than indoors and if you are indoors have good ventilation and stick to the level zero rules on the number of people who can meet together.