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Arts / Signed Shetland painting to go to auction in aid of MRI appeal

Artist Balazs Onhausz (left) with Vaila Walterson, who works on the Shetland film shoots.

A LOCAL artist is auctioning off a signed paining of the core Shetland crime drama cast to raise money for the local MRI scanner appeal.

Balazs Onhausz painted the characters Jimmy Perez, Alison ‘Tosh’ McIntosh and Sandy Wilson.

He managed to get the painting signed by the actors while they were in Shetland filming thanks to the efforts of Vaila Walterson, who was working on the shoot, and NHS’ Sean Doherty and Alison Irwin.

The canvas is recycled salmon feed bags from Onhausz’s work.

Bids open from £100 and they can be submitted to Onhausz in writing via Facebook or Instagram.

While the Shetland MRI scanner appeal has reached its £1.65 million target, fundraising is continuing until the final costs of the project are established.

MRI scanners can diagnose cancer, strokes, heart conditions and many other conditions and having one in Lerwick would complement the CT scanner, which uses X-rays and a computer to create detailed images of the inside of the body.