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Health / New nurse sought for remote island community

The community of 7Hans J Marter/ShetNewsApproaching Skerries on a plane. Hans J Marter/Shetland News

RECRUITMENT is underway for a nurse for one of Shetland’s more remote communities.

NHS Shetland is looking for a district nurse/nurse practitioner for Skerries, which has a current resident population of 27.

As Skerries is one of Shetland’s ‘non-doctor islands’, the nurse would provide a service to residents for both planned and emergency care.

The postholder is also expected to provide personal care for islanders, as required, in the absence of on-island based social care provision.

The post has a slightly unusual five-day weekly work pattern of Thursday to Monday, 9am to 5pm.

This is to reflect that the population increases at the weekends as people return from the mainland of Shetland.

Clinical support and supervision would be available via the wider community nursing team and GPs based in the nearby island of Whalsay.

The closing date of the job vacancy is 14 June.

It comes amid a review of how care is given in non-doctor island communities.

This came after the resignation of nurses last year in three of Shetland’s four non-doctor islands – Skerries, Fair Isle and Fetlar.

The only way to get to Skerries at the moment is by ferry; it takes 90 minutes from Vidlin/Laxo or two and a half hours via the less regular Lerwick service.

It is the most easterly point of Shetland, and its two inhabited islands – Bruray and Housay – are connected by bridge.