Business / Local firms team up in bid to cater for demand in house sites

House designs such as this one have been created for the project.

THERE are hopes that a new project devised by a local architecture company and building business could tackle a demand for house sites in Shetland.

Macaulay Miller Architecture and BA Builders say they aim to provide a “one stop shop” for people looking to build a new home in Shetland.


They plan to create a website which would offer a range of house sites in addition to a number of “Shetland Specific, Scandinavian inspired” house designs which could be then be used for the plot.

If the customers goes for one of these designs, BA Builders would then carry out the work.

To kick things off, the project – called Shetland Homes Company – is looking for people to come forward with land that might be suitable for housing.

The land does not need to be large, flat fields, and Shetland Homes Company said it would carry out a feasibility study and any pre-planning submission.


The land owner would be paid per plot sold.

Calum Miller of Macaulay Miller Architecture said the project was created in response to an apparent lack of plots for housing in Shetland.

“It’s something that Brian [Anderson, BA Builders] is constantly coming up against with many enquiries substantially delayed, which isn’t great for anyone,” he said.

“We believe that the solution is to make it as easy as possible for land owners to get planning permission in principle without any financial burden from themselves to increase the amount and variety of plots available throughout Shetland.”

The pre-designed housing, meanwhile, would range from one bedroom to five bedroom, although Miller said people would be able to customise the plans.

Alternatively people could bring bespoke designs to the plot.

“Given that these are standard house types and everything is through BA Builders, we will be able to provide some cost certainty from the outset,” Miller said.

“These homes can also be plotted and built for anyone with their own sites already in place.”