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Court / Jamieson to face contempt of court charge

A THIRTY seven year old man from Lerwick has been remanded in custody ahead of facing a contempt of court charge when he reappears at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Thursday.

This follows a “statement of uncontroversial fact” Calum Jamieson had submitted to the court following his arrest last year.

In it he appears to question the authority of the court by stating that Shetland is not part of Scotland and that the Crown was lacking authority in the islands.

Challenged on the content of the ‘statement’ by Sheriff Ian Cruickshank in court in Wednesday afternoon, Jamieson, of Mill Lane, denied he was the author of the statement, adding that he had pulled it together from the internet.

Sheriff Cruickshank suggested that Jamieson was used as a “puppet for someone else”, who remained unnamed in court on Wednesday.

“I have come to the end of my tether,” the sheriff conceded before remanding Jamieson to face a charge of contempt of court tomorrow.