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Letters / Scrutinise the wording carefully

I’ve noticed whenever the Scottish Government does anything that benefits Shetland, Beatrice Wishart writes an article worded in such a way that it makes it look as if she’s been personally responsible for it happening.

Recently Beatrice gave the impression that she influenced the Scottish Government into extending the Air Discount Scheme.

However, ADS was extended for all islands, not just Shetland, because it was the right thing to do – not because Beatrice Wishart asked for clarity on it.

She seems to be asking for clarity on a lot of things recently. Even things that are clear to just about everyone. It’s code for I’m pretending to influence the outcome.

Next time you read one of her articles, scrutinise the wording carefully to see if she is actually saying she did something or if she’s just making it sound like she’s responsible for someone else doing something.

Neil Leask