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Robert Stephenson

The forthcoming elections to the Scottish Parliament on 6 May will be a historic opportunity. You will be presented this time with a real alternative. A choice to abolish the Holyrood complex and confine separatism to the fringes of Scottish politics.

UKIP is fighting this election on a platform to hold a referendum to abolish the devolved government which threatens the very existence of the United Kingdom. We call for a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ binding poll on whether the devolution experiment should continue in Scotland.

Devolution has been a complete and utter failure, even on its own terms. It was supposed to calm nationalist fervour yet it has only been inflamed. The very integrity of the United Kingdom is being undermined by an ugly separatist movement. The constitutional mess devolution has caused must come to end if the United Kingdom as we know it is to endure.

Therefore, we urge you to lend your vote to UKIP. We want to preserve the Union that has been to our mutual benefit and consign the Scottish Parliament to the dustbin of history.

All the other parties standing in this election, including the Conservatives, the Liberals, the Greens, Labour and of course the SNP support devolution. Only UKIP will offer you the choice to keep Shetland British and to scrap Holyrood.

A vote for UKIP will not only be a vote to reject secession but also a vote to affirm the United Kingdom. Since 1999 we have seen nothing but miserable failure from Holyrood. It is high time voters are given a referendum to abolish this absurd white elephant of an institution.

What have the public received from Holyrood during the last twenty years? The profligacy and waste is obscene. It costs the taxpayer approximately £100 million a year. For that amount we could instead hire over 3,000 new nurses.

The only political settlement that will ensure the survival of the Union is the abolition of the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood. Its functions should be transferred to local authorities while services required over a wider area be assigned to combined authorities subordinate to the underlying council areas.

We could increase the number of Scottish MPs in Westminster and re-establish the Scottish Office in Whitehall. This would enhance the influence of Scotland compared to its now diminished state thanks to devolution.

UKIP is the only political party in this election offering a referendum on this most important matter for the future of Shetland, of Scotland and indeed of the United Kingdom.

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Email: nno@ukip.org


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