Election 2021 / Hazel G Mansfield

End Violence Against Women (EVAW)

Hazel Mansfield

I am protesting to End Violence Against Women by standing as a candidate for Scottish Parliament to speak for myself, and to change the 30/70 by one more voice.

I will stand as a Regional Candidate for the Highlands & Islands on 6 May. Vote for Hazel G Mansfield.

A bit outraged by how few women are standing for political office, I decided to stand.

I have formed my policy position with over 20 years community work R&D, incl. women’s research, in connection with my work as a community artist and musician.


  • Fund representative women into political office;
  • Establish local ownership and develop careers in the care system;
  • 50:50 representation at the climate change talks COP26, in Glasgow, in November 2021;
  • Seek climate change migration solutions that are long-term;

intergenerational, sustainable and international;

  • Collaborative legislation;
  • Cooperative regulation.

I would like to set up policy comprehension between community politics research and inter-activity and to build networks and gather decisions, viewpoints and ways forward, to achieve solutions to persistent poverty.

What do we want? A lot more women in political office. When?  Now.

How do you get a balanced voter? Change participation to 50:50.

First:  Take the barriers down and .. Make/Enable community .. to enable solutions .. by changing desire.

Where are our women?  They are behind barriers to office, with less education, access, skill share, living wage.

We need 50 per cent female and 50 per cent male in office everywhere.

Currently there are 30 women for every 70 men politicians. 20 per cent of women are missing from the table.  We can change the platform criteria’s and the pre-requirement norms for political office. We need 20 per cent more women and 20 per cent less men for democratic equality.

We can change value perceptions and what we desire and buy and who we buy it from. With this simple value repositioning, we can change persistent poverty.

We need more women to participate and a’gabhail part in politics to change from 30 per cent to 50 per cent women participating.

What do we want? 50:50 representation, End Violence Against Women (EVAW)

Zero Tolerance, and a Living Wage income. When? Now.

Where are the women at COP26?  We must have equal access for women at the climate table.

I am a community artist and musician collaborating to increase access to education and safe places to meet, share skills, use the internet, through IT, performance and music ceilidhs.

My interests include using inerrancy and computers to read the bible.

Over the last ten years I’ve studied a BSc (Hons) Degree in Politics, Business, Economics and Religion at Open University and a BSc Degree in Sustainable Development at UHI.

I have wide insight into issues at local, national and international level gained through a wide range of access to business, economic and political research and discussion, as well as news channels, newspapers, education and social media.

To speak for women, we need 20 per cent more women in politics. We need more women.

Vote Hazel G Mansfield.


Contact Information
Telephone: 07421311926
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hazelg.mansfield
Twitter: @GlenysHazel


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