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Community / Brass band funding application hits the right note with community councillors

The Lerwick Brass Band on a sun-kissed Saturday in Lerwick. Photo: Chris Cope/ShetNews
The Lerwick Brass Band pictured back in 2015 as part of a parade for film festival Screenplay. Photo: Shetland News

LERWICK community councillors had no hesitation in approving a £500 grant to the local brass band at a meeting on Monday night to assist the group when it returns to playing once restrictions allow.

Lerwick Brass Band applied for the funding to buy moisture guards for the bells of its instruments to “make a safer environment for all players”.

The group is also looking to service its instruments, especially after around “18 months of non-use” due to the pandemic.

Community councillor Alan Irvine said he was an ex-member of the brass band, having played with them for nearly 30 years.

“I know how important these funds are to them,” he said.

“They really rely on donations for all their expenditure.”

The group is Shetland’s only brass band, and they were founded back in 1863.

They are a regular fixture at events across Shetland, including Up Helly Aa festivals, parades, services and concerts.

The community council is also set to provide over £800 for much-needed plumbing work at the Staney Hill Hall.

North Staney Hill Community Association had applied for over £5,000 in total for a range of work across the hall, but community council members agreed to encourage the group to seek this funding in the first instance through the Shetland Community Benefit Fund.

The community council also committed a further £500 to buying a new cabinet for the defibrillator at Lerwick Boating Club to ensure it is suitable for outside use.