Council / Salt and grit mix to be used on roads as cold spell continues

Photo: Shetland News

SHETLAND Islands Council gritters will now use a mix of road salt and grit on all roads outside Lerwick as the cold spell continues.

The lower levels of traffic seen on most roads across Shetland in recent weeks means that the road salt is not being crushed and spread by passing traffic to activate it as it normally would.


Using a mix of road salt and grit has a better chance of improved traction for vehicle tyres, even with little passing traffic.

Grit will be swept up from roads in springtime when the worst of the cold weather has passed.

With more vehicles on the roads in Lerwick, the council will continue to use salt on roads in the town for the time being.

Roads manager Dave Coupe said: “Forecasts suggest that we are in for another cold week ahead, with road surfaces across Shetland to continue to be well below freezing overnight. The ground is so cold that road salt will have only a limited effect.

“We’ve decided to use a salt and grit mix in most places, to help give better traction for vehicles in these cold conditions.

“Drivers should be aware of this and we’d ask them to drive with caution and reduce speeds to minimise the risk of stone chips from passing vehicles.”