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Community / Lionel Essy and Bilbo Blackbaggins? Bairns to get chance to name essy kerts

Photo: SIC

SHETLAND youngsters could get the chance to propose names for the council’s essy kerts as part of wider plans to educate bairns on reducing waste, reusing items and recycling.

The council’s gritters – such as Sir Saats-a-lot and Snaa Blaster – already have names thanks to collaboration involving school children.

It appears that Shetland Islands Council’s bin lorries could be next in line to receive names from youngsters, after the Easter holidays.

Chairman of the council’s environment and transport committee Ryan Thomson said it is an idea which “started as a peerie fun on social media”.

Some names which have already been floated as suggestions include Lionel Essy, Bilbo Blackbaggins, and Jonny Trash, “so the bar has been set very low”, the councillor said.

There is a hope that it could tie into a wider project to educate Shetland’s youngsters on recycling and reducing waste, including how the energy recovery plant feeds into Lerwick’s district heating scheme.

After a new kerbside recycling scheme was introduced a few years ago Shetland’s essy kerts have been taking more than just black bags.

“The younger generation can, and in many aspects are already, leading on this issue, they are the future generation and are fully aware of the consequences of reducing our waste, and generally living in a more environmentally friendly way.

“I’d also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to all the essy kert drivers.

“This last month or two, with high levels of snow and ice have proven problematic and it shouldn’t go unrecognised the excellent work of our essy kert drivers who in difficult circumstances, have been working as hard as ever to make sure the essential services they provide continue to operate. My heartfelt thanks to them all.”