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Letters / The root of the problem lies in Westminster

Ms Wishart would do well to remind herself of the Westminster government’s role in disproportionate energy charges in the islands, which have a major impact on fuel poverty figures.

MSP replies to Alec Henry’s open letter

Electricity pricing is a reserved issue, so entirely the responsibility of the Westminster government and its regulator.

The Scottish Government has been addressing fuel poverty through its energy efficient Scotland programme and the first minister recently announced a £100 million winter support fund, which includes £7 million to help people who are struggling to pay fuel bills.

The fact that Shetland has high fuel poverty rates when it contributes its fair share of clean, green electricity is thoroughly unjust.

People across Shetland and throughout the Highlands & Islands – including my home islands where we have been net exporters since 2015 – deserve a fair charging regime which is reflective of our contribution.

I would ask why, having identified the fundamental problem of unfair electricity charges, Ms Wishart and her colleagues Messrs Carmichael and McArthur are not going to the source of the problem and writing to the UK Government?

Much as when the Lib Dems complain about the Scottish Government’s plans to sort out broadband: the powers and the root of the problem lie in Westminster.

Is this wilful ignorance or a cynical attempt to distract voters?

Robert Leslie