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Letters / It beggars belief

I was astonished to hear a SEPA representative state that the latest explanation for sediment entering the Sandwater loch was “silty water was coming through a previously unidentified existing fracture in rock on the bed of a roadside ditch” and that they had looked into the matter after concerns were raised on Saturday 24 October.

There is no mention of a pollution incident at Sandwater loch, which was reported to the SIC on Tuesday 20 October, along with photographic evidence.

What was observed at this time, was that the first cross drain was blocked with an expanding bung, resulting in the roadside ditch being used as a silt trap. The silty water was then entering the loch via the second cross drain, albeit diluted with clean water coming off the hill.

It is very worrying that these incidents are continuing and evidently the authorities show little concern, unless the media are involved.

Further to the above, it has been reported that there is no agreed decommissioning bond in place, which was one of the planning consent conditions. The condition stated that work should not begin until an agreed bond was in place.

The above situation is unacceptable and frankly beggars belief!

I am aware that there is a petition currently circulating, calling for all construction works to be suspended immediately until an independent monitoring programme has been established.

I would urge everyone with concerns to sign.

John Johnston