Letters / Disbenefits are huge

“Disbenefits” is a simple word. It’s a heading in a business case, and often the words below don’t amount to much, at least not if you want the business case to proceed.

The disbenefits of the VE [Viking Energy] project however are huge.

The carbon released by excavating tonnes of peat and the embodied carbon in the whole construction process; the tourist-deterring sights and sounds of a forest of turbines and the income lost when those tourists no longer come; and the toll on the physical and mental health of those who have to live in proximity to the site because they have no means of escape or relief.

To dismiss all of this as “disbenefits” is naive at best, and insulting at worst because the implication is that peoples’ livelihoods and health don’t matter. Wake up SIC, and recognise the monster you’re creating.

Linda Tait
Epsom, Surrey