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Energy / Buchan Alpha decommissioning work continues

Remnants of one of the legs of the Buchan Alpha being towed to the Greenhead Base. All photos: Jim Mullay

SOME OF the remnants of the Buchan Alpha platform were removed from the waters at Dales Voe and taken to the Greenhead Base on Friday.

Preparatory work to remove what is left of the Buchan Alpha from Dales Voe has been undertaken on site by local company Ocean Kinetics following the easing of coronavirus restrictions.

Part of the floating production unit broke free from its moorings at the Dales Voe decommissioning base in Lerwick in poor weather last year.

It was left in the voe near to land at Califf.

The Buchan Alpha is being decommissioned by Peterson and Veolia.

A spokesperson for Veolia told Shetland News a few days ago: “Specialist engineers are currently still working to deliver the safest and most efficient recovery of the structure.

“The weather and swell conditions are being factored into the options, and any operation to fully recover it will be carried out during suitable prevailing weather conditions.”

The 12,000 tonne structure was first brought into Dales Voe back in 2017.