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Letters / Electricity distribution needs updating

John Tulloch of Arrochar is obviously not living on the same planet as myself.

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I came to live in Shetland over 50 years ago. As an engineer with an electrical background, I was surprised to find that Shetland was not linked to the National Grid.

Even then, the value of high voltage under sea DC cables was appreciated. Such cables are in widespread use throughout the world with a high degree of reliability.

I have no intention of being drawn in to the ‘wind farm’ debate, however the utter absurdity of some of the claims about the undersea cable reduce me to tears.

A story put about some time ago claimed that radiation from it could affect human tissue. Nobody with any form of scientific background would corroborate such an easily disproved and bizarre claim.

Much of the electricity in Shetland is generated by inefficient, highly polluting diesel generators now many decades out of date. Regardless of the wind farm debate, electricity distribution desperately needs updating.

John Waters