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Business / Businesses encouraged to apply for coronavirus support funding after deadline moved forward

LOCAL businesses are being urged to apply for coronavirus support funding from the Scottish Government as soon as possible after the deadline for applications was moved forward by a number of months.

Companies now only have up to 10 July 2020 to apply for the £10,000 small business grant or the retail, hospitality and leisure fund, which offers up to £25,000.

The scheme was originally intended to remain open until March 2021 but the Scottish Government moved the deadline after a slow-down in applications.

As previously reported, around £7.5 million has been provided to Shetland businesses so far.

Online applications can be carried out through the Shetland Islands Council’s services webpage under the header Covid-19.

Speaking earlier this month, Scottish finance secretary Kate Forbes said: “New applications for the Small Business and Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant schemes have slowed in recent weeks as large numbers of businesses have already applied.

“We are committed to ensuring every penny we receive from the UK Government for business support – and more – will be passed to businesses. It is essential that we do not allow funds to sit for too long in schemes that are attracting few applications, so we have decided to bring these to a close next month.”