Community / Shetland shows solidarity with global Black Lives Matter movement

Walks in support of the Black Lives matter movement took place in around 50 communities across Shetland. In Skeld around 25 folk turned up and took posters for their walk to Culswick. Photo: Dave Hammond.

Lerwick may have been steeped in mist for most of the day, but there was a congenial, upbeat atmosphere at the various stalls around town, writes Neil Riddell.

Chloe Tallack was down by the water at the Sletts station where around 60 folk took the time to stop by. She said it was important to show solidarity with the global movement, and that the organisers had done “an incredible job getting it together so quickly”.


“It’s been a tough few weeks following the news, but great resources and reading materials have been shared online,” she said. “I’m particularly interested in how British black history can be better incorporated into the curriculum.

“It was really enjoyable, so many positive interactions, and folk being really mindful with the social distancing too. The best thing was that people wanted to engage in conversations even if they found the subject difficult.”

Laura Hughes, who was dishing out posters alongside event organiser Joy Duncan in East Voe, said it had been a “really happy, cheerful day and it was great to see so many of the community joining in with their support”.


“I wanted to show my support to Joy and the rest of the Shetland Staands group for organising this,” Laura said.

“I really hope that we can all keep making changes and progress towards a better future, and also to know that it’s okay to change your mind about opinions that you have had. This is about moving forward.”

Down in Cunningsburgh, couple Cara McDiarmid and Lyall Halcrow said they took their “hats off to those who have organised this uniquely Shetland protest”.

“The BLM movement has struck a chord with us over the years and we feel it is really important to raise awareness about systemic racism which still exists in the US, here in the UK and across the world.”

People are asked to upload photos of posters online and tag Shetland Staands Wi Black Lives Matter on Facebook, @shetlandstaands on Instagram or @SStands on Twitter.

More photos can be found at https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2020/06/13/in-pictures-shetland-staands-wi-black-lives-matter/ and at the Shetland Staands Wi Black Lives Matter Facebook page.