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Transport / Face coverings become mandatory at Sumburgh Airport as HIAL introduces new measures across network

Sumburgh Airport.

THE OPERATOR of Sumburgh Airport has introduced a number of social distancing and hygiene measures ahead of scheduled services gradually resuming across the Highlands and Islands.

Loganair has been running a skeleton essential service at Sumburgh Airport during the pandemic and is awaiting more guidance before re-introducing some further scheduled services.

It is, however, selling flights to Edinburgh and Glasgow from early July onwards.

At all Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd (HIAL) airports, including Sumburgh, passengers will now be required to wear face coverings, while the number of people inside terminals will be limited.

Only travelling passengers will be allowed in terminals.

People will be asked to use supplied sanitiser on their hands and to sanitise their airport baggage trolley on arrival if they are using one.

If a passenger does not bring a face covering with them, HIAL may be able to provide one.

If they do not have their own covering and the airport is unable to provide one, the passenger may not be able to travel. People aged under six do not need to wear a covering.

Staff will wear more personal protective equipment than normal, including face masks and gloves where required.

Screens have been installed and physical distancing measures are in place with sanitiser stations in key locations throughout airports and regular deep cleaning is being carried out.

HIAL managing director Inglis Lyon said: “My colleagues have worked extremely hard to offer a safer environment for passengers at our airports and we will continue to rely on the understanding and cooperation of travellers to follow our new procedures to make their experience as smooth as possible, given the current restrictions.

“We are pleased that we are now able to focus on a safe and gradual resumption of air travel, however it is vital that everyone plays their part in helping ensure we avoid risking transmission of Covid-19, by ensuring that you turn up at the airport wearing your face mask, maintaining social distancing and personal hygiene. We will continue to move in lockstep with Transport Scotland and adhere to Health Protection Scotland advice.

“We do not know if, or when, we will be able to travel as we did pre-coronavirus and given that all of us must adapt to these new habits and procedures in order to go about this part of our lives.

“As we implement our procedures, we are doing our utmost to get everything right for our passengers.

“I would ask anyone who has any concerns or comments, to please let us know in the first instance so we can address them and contact a member of the team at your airport.”