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Community / Kindness matters more than ever before says charity

AS PART of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week local charity Mind Your Head has just released a new video to promote the theme of Kindness Matters.

The video, released on the charity’s Facebook page as well as on YouTube, brings together local people who have all shared clips of themselves with loved ones and friends showing how they are staying together with their ‘sunshine’ while in lockdown.

The idea for the video came from seven-year-old James Aitken who had sent in a drawing showing someone being someone else’s sunshine.

Wellness practitioner Charity Johnson said: “We’re grateful for everyone who sent in bits and pieces of their heart for all the world to see.

“Working on this video and speaking to everyone involved has certainly given me a little bit of sunshine and a little bit of hope that everything will be all right—if I just hang in there for now.”

Claire Morris from NHS health improvement said that this year’s theme ties in well with the current situation.

“At this time of uncertainty the communities have pulled together and shown kindness more than ever. Families are making an extra effort to stay connected and neighbours are going above and beyond to look out for one another.

“The theme is perfect and is a chance to celebrate all the wonderful things people have been doing and sprinkle a little more kindness around.”

Mental Health Awareness Week runs until the end of this week, and both organisations will throughout the week be sharing activities around kindness, tips to look after one’s mental health as well as links to mental health help line numbers.