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Coronavirus / Coronavirus news update – 18 March

HOW are you affected by coronavirus? Are you in self-isolation or are you working long hours? Is your job threatened or are you stranded overseas and don’t know how to get back to Shetland/the UK?

Please tell us your story. You can get in touch via e-mail or message us via our Facebook page .

Here is a summary of today’s (Wednesday) coronavirus news:

 Other useful links:

Shetland Islands Council has created a special page with regularly updated information on how the council’s services are affected by the coronavirus pandemic:

HM Customs & Revenue have established a helpline for the self-employed and for businesses affected by Covid-19. Please call 0300 4563565 or 0800 0159559 if you need help/advice.

Meanwhile Scottish Water has issued a ‘flush reminder” urging people to flush only the 3ps – pee, poo and (toilet) paper – to help keep the country’s sewers working.

Un-flushable alternatives to toilet paper which are not biodegradable are a major cause of sewer chokes resulting in flooding, the water utility said.