Coronavirus / Number of positive coronavirus cases rises to 15

THE NUMBER of positive coronavirus test results in Shetland has risen to 15.

It is an increase of four on the previous number of 11.

The first two cases of Covid-19 in Shetland were confirmed last week.

The NHS, however, has recently changed its testing policy meaning that people self-isolating with symptoms are no longer being tested.


The total number of cases in Scotland currently sits at 171.

According to NHS Shetland, those with symptoms (new cough, fever, shortness of breath), regardless of their travel history or contact with confirmed cases, must stay at home for seven days. However, these people will not be tested nor contact tracing undertaken.

Those who have travelled or come into contact with someone who was later diagnosed as a Covid-19 risk but who do not have symptoms do not need to stay at home.

If you have mild symptoms you do not need to alert your health centre or call NHS 24 (111). However, if your symptoms worsen, you must contact your health centre or call NHS24 on 111.