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Letters / ‘Like it or not, change is coming’

There are always going to be those who can’t cope with change. You will be able to recognise them because they will be the ones shouting the loudest to try to stop it.

These negative minded folk can’t imagine anything better, no matter how dire things get. These are the very people that will try to convince you to stay with them, on a sinking Titanic, as everyone else gets into lifeboats.

They’ll even make stories up to try to scare you. Project Fear is real and these people know it works.

However, the average person can create a picture in their head of what things might be like if only we could change this, or that.

Most people in Scotland will admit that they believe Scotland will be independent sooner rather than later. Even the “now is not the time” brigade recognised it will happen, they just want it delayed.

Like it or not, change is coming.

We will technically be out of the EU on Friday and out, officially, by the end of the year. Scotland is going to have a trade deal, that we had no say in, forced upon us by a Tory government Scotland didn’t vote for. That’s if there is a trade deal at all. Who really knows?

The longer we are outside the EU still under the UK’s control, the further we will diverge from the EU, and the harder it will become to realign ourselves.

If Scotland were already an independent country inside the EU, the UK government would have to negotiate a trade deal that prevents a border between Scotland and England.

Therefore, I would argue that now is exactly the time for independence. Change is coming, we can’t stop it, but at least if we are in control of our own country we can have some say in what happens to us.

Angela Sutherland
Shetland SNP branch secretary