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Transport / Petition urges SIC to reduce Tresta speed limit ‘before tragedy strikes’

Tresta. Photo: Shetland NewsTresta. Photo: Shetland News

A PETITION calling on the speed limit through Tresta to be lowered “before tragedy strikes” is set to be brought before councillors next week.

The online and paper petition, which wants to see the limit changed from 60mph to 50mph, has garnered 72 signatures.

It has been handed into the council by local resident Debra Nicolson, with the petition on the agenda for Shetland Islands Council’s environment and transport committee meeting on Tuesday.

The petition says that “many cars/vans speed through Tresta at more than 60mph”.

“Even cars going at 60mph can be intimidating and dangerous for pedestrians,” it adds.

“There have been numerous accounts of cats being killed on this stretch of road.

“Are we going to wait until a child or an old person is hit or killed? We call upon the council to act before tragedy strikes”.

The A971 road through Tresta, which has housing on either side, acts as something of a gateway to the west side.