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Council / New cameras to monitor traffic at four locations

Sound Brae is one of the areas where the speed limit has been reduced, in this case to 30mph. Photo: Shetland News

CAMERAS will be installed at four locations on the Shetland mainland over coming weeks to record traffic movement.

The cameras will record traffic movements including cyclists and pedestrians to assess the effectiveness of reduced speed limits on these roads in encouraging active travel, Shetland Islands Council said on Wednesday.

They will be installed at:

  • A971 at Tresta
  • A970 between Sound Brae and Shurton
  • A970 at the Veensgarth staggered junction
  • A970 at the Black Gaet junction.

Speed limit trials, lasting until June 2023, were introduced at Tresta and the south entrance to Lerwick in December last year to explore the impact lower speed limits has on people’s willingness to either walk or cycle.

The recordings will be analysed with software to classify the vehicles and to determine hourly traffic volumes, the SIC said.

The analysis involves the passing of vehicle registrations to the DVLA so that the type of vehicle can be identified – i.e. car, light or heavy goods vehicle, or bus. Recordings will be deleted on completion of the analysis.

It is the same information that is freely available to the public on the DVLA website.

Information regarding the driver of the vehicle will not be made available by the DVLA, as it is not required for the analysis, the SIC said.