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Letters / Tracing family roots

I am trying to trace my family roots in Shetland and wonder if some of your readers could help me.

My grandfather Michael James Georgeson, born in Falkirk, is now coming on 70. He’s still not been back to Shetland since he was young and none of his kids or grand kids have ever been. I’m trying to this year if all goes well!

I was named after Magnus Georgeson who died during WW1. I do have a small family tree with all his brothers and sisters and that’s how we found about Magnus dying in Portsmouth.

My granddad always believed he still has land or such in Shetland, and we know from my granddad’s father that the family was big, as it was back then.

I’m very intrigued by Shetland, the stories, and because it’s the only side I’ve known. I know they were from Bixter, Aith, Sandsting.

Hopefully this is enough information to make a start tracing my family roots. If you can help please contact me via e-mail mertin1@live.co.uk

Many thanks

Martin Georgeson