By-Election 2019 - Shetland Central / Stewart Douglas

Scottish National Party (SNP)

I have lived in Shetland for the past 10 years – Shetland has been good to me, and I feel it’s now time for me to do something for Shetland – that’s why I’m standing as a candidate in the Shetland Central by-election.

I’m a Chartered Construction Manager, currently working as the senior project manager on the new Scalloway fishmarket. In my 40 years’ experience of the construction industry I’ve worked for the public and private sectors (including the new Shetland Gas Plant at Sullom Voe). This has given me knowledge and skills that I believe will be useful if you elect me as your SIC councillor on 7 November. I know how to get things done and I won’t take ‘No’ for an answer.

Lack of housing is a big problem in the Shetland Central ward. There are folk who could and would build their own but are put off by complications and delays with planning, water, drainage, electricity and telephone connectivity. We need more publicly funded housing and the Scottish Government is supporting this, but we must also help and encourage private home builders more.

There really is a climate emergency and the council must do more to set an example in reducing carbon dioxide emissions. That means using more renewable energy from tide, wind and solar; meeting targets on waste recycling and composting; using more local produce in school meals; and doing much more to ensure existing buildings become energy efficient.

The council’s aggressive attitude to the SNP government wins us few friends in Holyrood. Every council in Scotland is short of cash and that’s because of Tory austerity which hammers the Scottish budget.

I think we should try a new tack: fewer angry demands and more friendly, reasoned argument based on firm evidence. That’s more likely to get results for Shetland.

Please vote for me on 7 November and together we will make a difference for Shetland Central.

Phone: 07444 951174
Twitter: @sdouglas25