By-Election 2019 - Lerwick South / Stephen Flaws

I’m 42 years old, married with three bairns and live in the ward of Lerwick South.

I’ve previously worked for the local authority within design and then housing services, as an airport firefighter and for the last four years I have been fortunate to be a stay-at-home dad.  I have volunteered for the Coastguard and have a keen interest in agriculture.

I aim to bring something new to the council. At a time when resources are limited, tough decisions need to be made and I will make them based on the facts presented before me. I am approachable, willing to listen and prepared to ask the difficult questions on behalf of the people of Shetland.

My current situation makes me well placed to stand for election, and with that, I have a genuine want to represent the local community and the wider Shetland public.

I recognise the diversity of the ward and the issues that may arise. I’d like to:


  • ensure adequate resources are channeled into schools to ensure the highest standard of education and care for our bairns;
  • strive for high quality courses to be provided through the Shetland College merger to enable folk to continue their education here at home;
  • address the issues with parking at Bell’s Brae Primary and at the Anderson High School at pick up and drop off times;


  • work with NHS Shetland to look at improving the appointments system in operation at the Lerwick Health Centre and that of other health centres throughout Shetland;
  • support NHS Shetland to progress plans for a new hospital following reports that the existing is not fit for purpose;
  • seek ways to provide medical consultations/ treatments here in Shetland rather that stressful trips to the mainland;


  • support existing tenants by giving them a voice to ensure continued maintenance of an ageing council housing stock;
  • increase the provision of affordable family homes;


  • ensure the changing needs of the community are continually being met;
  • improve life line services to the Mainland by reducing fares and increasing capacity and look to improve our own inter-island transport links;


  • support ongoing work to produce an action plan with targets following calls for the council to declare a state of emergency;
  • encourage and support the public when introducing environmental policies;
  • continually embrace the willingness of the young folk who recognise the issues and wish to be heard when it comes to discussions regarding climate change, which in turn will give young folk the belief in the political system;

Poverty in Shetland

  • address the impact of high living costs and to strive to maximise the income of those in need;
  • recognise and support the resultant impact on those affected be that mentally or physically especially now at a time when the uncertainty of the outcome of Brexit faces us all.

I am looking forward to getting out to meet the people of Lerwick South. In the meantime, if you wish to do so, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Phone: 07769 653192