By-Election 2019 - Lerwick South / Caroline Henderson


What do you want from your vote?

You work hard and need a councillor who will do everything they can for their constituents. I will listen to your needs, make a difference wherever I can, and if I cannot, will deliver honestly the reasons why. I am very happy to be on the record and fully accountable for all pledges made.

Having been in business and an employer for 20 years I have a lot of diverse experience to draw on, knowing how to balance books and manage commitments innovatively.

I am no stranger to adversity and having to make decisions with real-life impacts.  Being a parent makes me passionate about the future. The 16 year olds who can now vote need to know that their future is in safe hands.

We need to write procurement contracts so fares for islanders are fixed, realistic and not subject to seasonal fluctuation. We need cabins not pods. Flight-shaming and taxing to discourage use are unfair for lifeline services.

We need to look at longer-term options and implement fixed link infrastructure to empower island economies to diversify and thrive on their own merit.  Forward thinking on outdated travel modes and embracing emerging technologies to better use our seaways will protect the jobs of those involved.

I will drive things forward without compromising our environment, which must be considered first in all we do.  We only have one planet. Sea level rise would severely affect us.  We have a partial barrier in Lerwick South but our critical infrastructure and emergency services are located in areas at risk.

We need to help all households insulate their homes and gain from being as energy efficient as possible regardless of their financial circumstances. We need to ensure that we are adequately fed from local sources and food bank use is minimised.

We need to protect the standards of our children’s education and the dignity of care delivered to our elderly. Most families find they have to work full and part-time jobs to maintain their standard of living – that puts incredible strain on all aspects of our community, including physical and mental health outcomes.

When a community is supported, gainfully employed and interactive, crime rates fall.  We have great agencies in place that look after and protect our community, and our most vulnerable members, and they need further support.

We need to future proof our community and give considered thought to how reserves will continue to work best for us in light of the environmental crisis.

I have thought a lot about transport, infrastructure, housing, finances, crime and substance abuse, inclusivity, lifeline travel, the new hospital, voluntary sector funding, education, social care, and poverty issues in our community.  I am aware of what we face and am raring to go – I’ll value your vote.

I’m holding drop-ins on Wednesday 23 October at Sandveien Neighbourhood Centre 2.30-5.30pm and on Friday 25 October at Gulberwick Hall between 4 and 7pm. Please come along and question me!

Phone: 07788 218 334