Politics / Carmichael calls for prime minister’s head

The UK Supreme Court in London.

NORTHERN Isles MP Alistair Carmichael has demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson following a Supreme Court ruling that the PM’s suspension of parliament was unlawful.

The Westminster Parliament will reconvene tomorrow (Wednesday) following the announcement by Supreme Court president Lady Hale.

Speaking after this morning’s decision, Carmichael said that the unanimous ruling was “devastating” to the Prime Minister and that he acted “unlawfully and mislead the nation.”


Carmichael added: “Boris Johnson undermined democracy and blocked oversight of his no-deal Brexit plans.

“The Supreme Court is an impartial defender of our democratic system. I am proud that they have stood up for the rule of law.

Alistair Carmichael

“By any measure Boris Johnson is not fit to be Prime Minister. He should resign now.”

The Supreme Court heard two appeals, one from the High Court of England and Wales, backing the PM’s prorogation of Parliament and another from the Court of Session in Edinburgh which held Johnson’s move to be unlawful.

The five-week suspension of Parliament would have stalled discussion of Brexit until a couple of weeks before the UK was due to leave the EU.

According to the Supreme Court the prorogation was null and void, therefore Parliament has not been suspended.

MPs will return to the House of Commons tomorrow, but there will be no prime minister’s questions.