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Election letters 2019 / Scottish independence unpopular in Shetland

To his credit Tom Wills has been out knocking on doors in this election campaign. But has he been listening as he’s gone round?

He should have heard loud and clear that the people of Shetland do not want Scottish independence.

Yet you struggle to find reference to a second independence referendum in his leaflets, on his social media output or on his plethora of plastic posters. He obviously knows how unpopular it is to the Shetland electorate.

Unfortunately for him, independence is the policy that defines his nationalist party.

Whoever we elect later this month they will be called on early to vote on whether or not we should have another independence referendum.

If Tom Wills is in the hot seat, then we know that he will do what his myopic nationalist masters in Edinburgh command, he will back another independence referendum in our name.

A nationalist MSP in Holyrood will be of no use to us if he is not prepared to represent our views on this issue.

Alistair Christie-Henry