Election letters 2019 / Lib Dems stand up for us

It is interesting to see the newly-found enthusiasm of the SNP for opposing the shambolic car parking charges at Sumburgh Airport, introduced by a company wholly owned by SNP Scottish Government ministers (By-election candidates keen to see Sumburgh parking charge scrapped; SN, 8 August 2019).

When Tavish Scott held a debate on parking charges in the parliament, the government said that consultation didn’t happen because it didn’t “seem to be a practical way of taking forward deeply unpopular measures”.

In other words, the SNP did not even ask the people of Shetland what they thought because they knew they would not like the answer.

If they had been prepared to listen, then we would not be in the ridiculous position that we are in today with a half-empty car park and cars parked by the road and on the grass.

The SNP only ever finds an interest in Shetland if there is an election on. Liberal Democrats stand up for us all year round.

Ronnie Gair