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Election letters 2019 / A wasted vote

I have every respect for Ryan Thomson as a local businessman and local councillor and totally agree with many of his passions and beliefs, but standing for the Holyrood by-election as an independent candidate is a totally wasted vote.

An independent MSP or MP cannot do anything for their area unless his or her ideas are exactly what the majority political party in power also aspire to and irrespective of how often and loud they shout, they just sit out on the edge whistling in the wind. But this isn’t a personal attack on Ryan and I totally understand the frustrations of any island or remote area Scottish politician that isn’t a central belt obsessed SNP politician.

Serious as they seem, the Labour Party’s civil war and antisemitism issues, the Tory Party’s social and economic terrorist crimes, the uselessness of the Lib Dems, the utterly centralist SNP and even Brexit, all pale into insignificance compared to mankind’s contribution to climate change and an example of humanity staring at its imminent demise like a rabbit in the headlights of a rapidly approaching car.

The Scottish Green Party is the only political party that has climate change at the heart of its being and the only party taking it seriously. Voting for any other party or an independent candidate is a totally wasted vote and just maintains the continuing race to climate and pollution armageddon.

Listen to the children who are now shouting that we and our politicians are failing them as they plead for action to be able to enjoy living on this one and only planet.

Vic Thomas