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Transport / Daggri out of action

Ferry services on Yell Sound will be operated by the Daggri on Monday morning.

THE YELL ferry Daggri will be taken out of service for up to a fortnight for emergency repair work.

Shetland Islands Council said inspections during the a recent annual refit on the vessel highlighted an issue with the shaft bearings between each main engine and the propulsion thrusters.

Parts were not available at that time, however, so the vessel will now need to be taken out of service for the repairs.

Her last scheduled sailing is on Friday 5 July and she will be replaced by the Fivla, which will then operate alongside Dagalien.

Bookings and timetable on this route will operate as normal but with a reduced capacity for vehicles.

It is the latest piece of disruption on the Yell Sound route.

Sister vessel the Dagalien was late in returning to Shetland earlier this month after developing a fault while south for a refit.

The Daggri also suffered a fire in its engine room in May.

Shetland Islands Council said it would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused during this latest period of disruption.