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Emergency services / Fifteen drivers caught speeding

POLICE chief inspector Lindsay Tulloch has expressed his disappointment that despite an increase in the number of motoring offences going to court, drivers continue to speed on local roads.

Shetland’s chief inspector Lindsay Tulloch. Photo: Shetland News

The Shetland area commander said that 15 drivers were charged driving in excess of the speed limit on the A970 at various locations between Dunrossness to Brae over a three-day period earlier this week.

Other road traffic offences were also detected, Tulloch continued, including three drivers charged with failing to obey prohibitions in force on Commercial Street in Lerwick.

“We do not want to criminalise people but we have to do everything we can to ensure there are no fatalities on our roads and everyone using the road can do so without fear of serious injury,” the chief inspector said.

“I ask drivers to appreciate the danger they cause by ignoring the national speed limit and limits set in restricted areas such as schools and other built up areas”.

Enforcement continues and drivers caught speeding will be fined a minimum of £100 and receive an endorsement of three penalty points on their licence, Tulloch continued.

An accumulation of 12 points leads to automatic disqualification from driving.