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Emergency services / Lifeboat gala ends with call-out

Kayla being towed into Aith. Photo: RNLI/John Robertson

THE AITH RNLI crew did not have far to travel for a call-out on Sunday evening – because they were already at the station packing up after the annual lifeboat gala.

The volunteers were dismantling marquees, still dressed in their yellow RNLI clothing, when the call came in to assist a fishing vessel with engine trouble.

The lifeboat was dispatched at around 6.15pm to help Kayla, which was seven miles west of Papa Sound.

The crew arrived on the scene shortly before 7pm and the lifeboat towed Kayla back to Aith pier, arriving at 9.10pm.

The crew were then stood down before finishing up clearing the gala event.

A total of £4,769.50 was raised for the RNLI at the gala event, which saw a good turnout despite the rainy weather.

The event started with a parade of lifeboat crew and Vikings from the local hall down to the pier.

The parade ended at the lifeboat station, where there were stalls and activities on offer for all the family.

The lifeboat Charles Lidbury was also open to visitors.

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