Letters / Any Change UK and Brexit Party representatives out there?

The Althing is holding a European Parliament hustings on Saturday 18 May in the Lerwick Town Hall. We have never held a hustings for these elections before, but it will be of interest because of the increased significance this time round.

In the Euro elections Scotland only elects six MEPs, picked from lists based on the proportion of votes cast for their parties.


Normally we’d ask candidates to speak at a hustings, but since there are none locally we are asking each of the parties to put up a chosen representative.

The Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, SNP and Greens all have local party organisations, so we have asked them to field speakers.

We have also written to UKIP, Change UK and the Brexit Party but have not heard back from the latter two. Given that these are very new organisations, they may not have any formal representation in place here.

They may also be struggling to simply deal with their volume of communication and make arrangements at short notice. They are however likely to have members and supporters here in Shetland.

We would appreciate your readers’ help to reach local members of Change UK and the Brexit Party, so that ideally both parties could be represented at the hustings.

Interested speakers can get in touch at the email below.

Karen Fraser
Althing Secretary