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Business / From Da Street to ‘Britain’s most sophisticated magazine’ for Shetland Soap Company

LOCAL social enterprise Shetland Soap Company has been featured in high society magazine Tatler.

Its Hjarta soap is included in a run-down of products in a feature called Bare Faced Beauty.

Tatler got in touch with Shetland Soap Company after noticing the brand online.

More of its products are set to be featured over the next three months.

Monthly publication Tatler is self-described as “Britain’s most sophisticated magazine” with a focus on the “glamorous lives and lifestyles of the elite upper classes”.

Today’s Tatler magazine is the latest incarnation of the original literary and society journal founded by Richard Steele back in 1709.

Shetland Soap Company, which is based on Lerwick’s Commercial Street and employs adults with learning disabilities, is part of social enterprise COPE Ltd.

COPE chief executive Ingrid Webb said she was “delighted” that the soap company was featured.

It came about when Tatler got in touch with the team after noticing the brand online.

“It allows us to bring our fantastic products to a new customer base and also helps us to spread our important social purpose message,” Webb said.

“Being featured in such a prestigious magazine helps to show that people with learning disabilities are capable of amazing things.”

Webb added that it is “more important than ever” to build on the soap company’s customer base outside of Shetland.

She said this is to share its “social purpose” message, promote Shetland and “build on our financial sustainability” to invest resources back into COPE.