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Letters / Relocate Shetland College to the town centre

Many readers will think since I tend to mention the subject of a relocation for the Shetland College quite a bit in the course of a year and that I should just let it pass.

However I will remain adamant with the current lease due to expire very soon to lobby for a major rethink on relocation. Would it really prove a step too far?

I will simply add my question here that I believe need answered by someone with a sense of thought and compassion for getting this project into action.

Would it really be that difficult to analyse a building swap with somewhere in Lerwick i.e the White House at North Ness plus nearby council buildings? The old Anderson High School campus possibly?

Having the college in the town centre would no doubt make a better impact on the viability of Lerwick town centre. I would hope to see representatives from Living Lerwick, Lerwick Community Council and other elected councillors get their heads around this subject and come up with a decent argument so that perhaps the college relocation option would gain great momentum.

We need this relocation plan to be made a reality or at least pencilled in for public consultation, the sooner the better.

Let’s look at the possible impact a better location could bring. One thing is for sure; I do not believe for a second that the current college buildings wouldn’t find a suitable use if they were to be vacated. That is just hearsay from the council’s perspective.

Damien Ristori