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Letters / Knitters are a generous crowd

Although I’m not able to be present for this year’s Shetland Wool Week, 600+ wool enthusiasts from around the world are having the time of their lives across the islands this week.

We knitters (etc.) are a jolly and generous crowd. If you could find a way to communicate the need for funds, I expect you could raise a couple hundred pounds [for the Cunningsburgh Village Club] from the fibre horde (Crisis point for Cunningsburgh clubs; SN, 25/09/2018).

Perhaps contact the museum and see if you can put up donation boxes and posters? There are a number of places around that are being used for classes.

Having some extra money won’t solve the problem of needing new committee members but it will make the task lest daunting.

SWW might even be able to use the hall for classes in the future? (Maybe as a temporary hostel, seeing as there isn’t quite enough space for all us yarnies!)

Carol Espinosa