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A celebration of Shetland wildlife

Paula Moss. All photos: Alex Purbrick
Helen Berry.

A STUNNING collection of wildlife photography is currently on display at the Weaving Shed Gallery on the waterfront in Hillswick, writes Alex Purbrick.

The Weaving Shed Gallery is a private gallery that opened in 2017 and is dedicated to the work of artist, lyricist, poet and film maker, Jeannette-Therese Obstoj.

This five-week long exhibition is a celebration of the plethora of beautiful and diverse wildlife that inhabits Shetland’s shores and landscape and is hosted by Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary who are hoping that the profits from photographs sold will help fund a major redevelopment of the buildings within the sanctuary.

Austin Taylor.

There are photos from well-known Shetland photographers such as Hugh Harrop (and his stunning images of orcas), John Moncrieff and Richard Shucksmith and lesser known photographers like Billy Arthur and his dazzling photos of underwater sea creatures, Austin Taylor and John Lowrie Irvine to name a few.

It is refreshing to see two female photographers breaking into the male dominated photographic arena.

Helen Perry and Paula Moss are two amateur photographers who have submitted delightful images of otters and seals amongst their shoreline habitat.

Many of these photographers have displayed their photos on social media but this is the first time that a collection such as this has been established in a gallery space for visitors to gaze upon the talented display of Shetland’s wildlife.

A Celebration of Shetland Wildlife and its photographers is open from 12-5pm daily until Sunday 29 July.