Scatsta needs councillors’ support

I refer to my previous letter to Shetland News (Focus on Scatsta; SN, 30/05/2018), which caused a lot of debate on the Shetland News Facebook page at

To no one’s surprise BP is moving operations to Sumburgh airport. It is significant when one of our most respected councillors, Alastair Cooper said he “was concerned about the long-term viability of the Scatsta operation because BP’s share in the consortium had been ‘significant’.” (BP to swap Scatsta for Sumburgh airport; SN, 12/06/2018)

The economy of the North Mainland needs Scatsta airport for it’s future development. This being the case, I would again ask for Scatsta airport to be supported by local councillors.

We know that the SIC does not own Scatsta airport but councillors are elected to, amongst other things, influence businesses to develop in areas that will benefit the economy of Shetland.

Our local councillors and, in particular, the North Mainland councillors supported by councillors from the outer isles should move, at speed, to encourage Loganair and the Scatsta operators to get round a table and see what can be done to create a viable future for this airport.

I call upon our very local councillors, the outer isles councillors and, especially, Ryan Thomson, the chairman of the environment and transport committee to take the lead. Let us hear your views on this very important subject.

Competition with HIAL and its punitive parking charges can only have a positive outcome.

Where else but the North Mainland to expand an airport and challenge the dominance of HIAL. We are not exactly starting from scratch.

Alan Macdonald
North Roe