Letters / Wir Shetland mystery?

I write to your letters page to enquire about the possible resignation of James Titcomb, the chair of Wir Shetland.

I believe that the membership secretary, Duncan Simpson, has said that Mr Titcomb has resigned. I cannot, however, find any records of this in the local media.

Did Mr Titcomb resign? When? Is there a resignation letter? Can we – even if it says he’s going to “spend more time with his family” – see it?

Could one of Shetland’s journalists get to the bottom of this mystery? If they can’t, this would surely be a story in itself!

Ivan Coghill

Note from the editor: James Titcomb resigned as chairman of Wir Shetland a number of weeks ago citing the limited time he had available to commit to the campaign group’s cause. No announcement was made at the time. Wir Shetland says it is planning to elect a new chairman in due course.